I am an independent designer currently based in Prague . I work remotely on different kinds of projects with people from all around the globe.

Be it an app (mobile or web), website or even something more innovative.

High Concept Pitch

"I like balance and not extremes. I try to apply it in life and my design work daily. I fail from time to time tho 🙈"

                                      Design is complex and to make it work you need quality people around to get the ball rolling the right way. That's why the team is where it all starts for me.

Also I think it's a lot about communication, listening & understanding. It means working hard to define the problem and finding possible solutions based not only on data, user interviews, research & more (while those are super important) but also on team's gut feeling, ideas and cooperation.

All that is hard but unavoidable and 100% worth it for uncovering user's motivations & causalities and designing better & meaningful experiences.

How I think about design

                                   Teamweek, Toggl, Hundred5, Toptal Clients, PhD Labs, STRV (Zkipster, BetterCompany, Geekatoo),  Triad (Nutrilon, AXA, OMV, YIT, Jihlavanka) & more.

People I worked with
What I can do

+ Ideation - business & marketing strategy, branding

+ UX - jobs to be done, sketches, wireframes, hi-fi

+ UI - visuals, simple illustrations

+ Prototyping & motion

+ Simple website development - powered by Webflow