Product (Mobile & Web App), Branding, Website, Design System, Motion.

2016 - Now

Beautifully simple project planning. Easy to set up and a joy to use. Teamweek helps you plan ahead and share schedules with everyone who needs to know.


Teamweek is famous for its simplicity and therefore the main challenge was to design intuitive and understandable interfaces across different platforms (mobile, web, chrome extensions). Moreover, we needed to develop unified visual communication/branding to make the product and marketing channels all consistent and reachable for other teammates (styleguides for developers and brand book for marketers).


Solutions we came up with were all user informed based on our research. We aimed at understanding their motivations behind certain actions and requests they made. All that was to sustain the ease of use that is so important for the product. Also, we cooperated with London based branding agency to nail our positioning/messaging and make the foundation for our new branding, so that it all communicates our mission, brand values and key attributes.